Components such as camshafts, a larger turbocharger or a large diameter downpipe, are not fitted standard on a car. These components affect the performance of the car. The ECM upgrade software will be adapted to this. Customized software! If you don't have the customized software, the chances are that you will not have the full potential of your engine, and even the engine and / its components can become damaged.
We can make all the possible adjustments in the ECM software from almost any type of engine management system, including OEM and standalone. RICA custom tuning is only possible if the custom components are properly installed. It is necessary that the dealer has data logging equipment. This equipment provides us with all the necessary information. The more information we have on the rollingroad during the runs, the better the end result of the software. If we do not get all the required data, it will be guesswork and we will not achieve the desired result.

The process of custom tuning requires more time then a regular tuning, (minimum one day). All this depends on your personal preferences and the amount of changes that have to be made to the car. It is possible that problems occur during tuning and we can not finish it at once.
Custom Tuning is performed at the offices of RICA or a RICA dealer with sufficient data logging equipment and a rollingroad. We will gladly personally advise you about the possibilities!

BOSCH motorsport

Bosch Motorsport Engine Control Units for Gasoline and Diesel Vehicles Bosch Motorsport offers fully programmable gasoline and diesel ECUs, with all the eccential engine functions required >>


RICA Engineering is very active in the motorsport field in Europe, providing various engine tuning and race preparation services to many teams and securing frequent podium finishes. The knowledge >>






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Custom Tuning



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The iSoftLoader allows you to tune your car by yourself.isoftloader