Components such as camshafts, a larger turbocharger or a large diameter downpipe, are not fitted standard on a car.
These components affect the performance of the car.

The ECM upgrade software will be adapted to this. Customized software! If you don't have the customized software, the chances are that you will not have the full potential of your engine, and even the engine and / its components can become damaged.

We can make all the possible adjustments in the ECM software from almost any type of engine management system, including OEM and standalone.

STEP 1: To get the best results, we need to know all about the cars modifications, and what the customer expects to achieve.

STEP 2: pre dyno check, we start with a basic inspection of the car. making sure the car is suitable for dyno tuning.

STEP 3: light load dyno testing, we begin running and mapping the engine on light load, this way we can see if everything is working properly and the engine is running okay.

STEP 4: mapping the ecu, fuel, igition and boost will be adjusted through the full rev range.

STEP 5: road test, after dyno mapping we will test the car on the road. to make sure it behaves just as well in the real world.

Features and Benefits

power increase The optimized software of RICA, greatly improves the power and torque, resulting in faster acceleration in all gears. lower fuel consumption With most of RICA software upgrades, >>

ECM Performance upgrade

Performance ECM upgrades are very popular and give you value for money. With this software you can book a substantial gain in power and torque and the fuel consumption is reduced by 5-10%. >>






Standalone Management

Custom Tuning



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The iSoftLoader allows you to tune your car by yourself.isoftloader