ECM Performance upgrade

Performance ECM upgrades are very popular and give you value for money. With this software you can book a substantial gain in power and torque and the fuel consumption is reduced by 5-10%. When applying RICA ECM upgrades, for the best results we recommend super unleaded petrol (98 octane). For diesel cars standard diesel.

- More power
- More torque
- More km per liter
- Improved handling
- Faster throttle response
- Speed limiter removed / increased
- 100% dealer service compliant
- 100% compliant with emissions legislation
- TUV approved
- ISO 9001 certified
- Installed at your local RICA dealer

Rica E Power

With "RICA E-Power" we set the bar high in terms of reducing emissions and fuel consumption. TNO Independent tests have proven that RICA E-Power is able to reduce CO2 emissions up to 15% and >>

STANDALONE management

Rica Engineering has over 30 years experience in tuning engines. We have experience in most brands of engine management sytems. During dyno work the engine will be monitored with knock detection, >>


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