high performance upgrades.

For even better performance of your car, you can also choose to upgrade the hardware of your car. If the hardware has been changed, we provide special custom ECM upgrades for optimal results (hyperlink).

Stage 2
The most common hardware upgrade is the exhaust. For example; when using a large-diameter race downpipe catalyst, the back pressure is reduced, allowing  the exhaust flow to improve. The spool-up goes faster. This is also called a "Stage 2" upgrade.

- Large diameter high-flow downpipe with race catalyst
- Optional cat-back exhaust
- Reduced back pressure
- Improved turbo response
- Increase in power and torque

Stage 3
For even more power, you need to upgrade the turbocharger, intercooler, etc. These are also called 'Stage 3' upgrades and require a fully customized ECM upgrade.

- Turbocharger upgrade
- Intercooler Upgrade
- Exhaust Upgrade
- Extra power and torque
- Custom Tuning required

STAND ALONE management

Standalone Engine Management Systems Rica Engineering has over 20 years experience in tuning engines. We are very experienced is most brands of engine management sytems. These will be setup >>

method chiptuning

Step 1: Reading the ECM The original software is read from the ECM through the OBD2 connector. This process may take several minutes to an hour, depending on the vehicle and type of ECM. Of >>


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The iSoftLoader allows you to tune your car by yourself.isoftloader