Jaguar XE Upgrades


RICA Engineering has just finished the tuning upgrades for the brand new Jaguar XE.

We have been testing and programming intensively last weeks, but the result is definitely worth it.

All engines can profit from a serious power upgrade!

The brand new AJ200D 2.0 diesel engine comes in two variants, one with 163 and 180 hp. However there is one important difference between those; the fuel injector size. It`s therefore not possible to tune them to the same result! The results however are very noticeable and offer a complete new driving experience.

The 2.0 i4 petrol turbo engine also comes in two different variants, but those share the exact same engine components, both tune to a whopping 268 hp and 389 Nm.

In short:

2.0 i4 D 163 hp : 163 hp / 380 Nm --> 188 hp / 450 Nm
2.0 i4 D 180 hp : 180 hp / 430 Nm --> 206 hp / 470 Nm
2.0 i4 200 hp : 200 hp / 280 Nm --> 268 hp / 389 Nm
2.0 i4 240 hp : 240 hp / 340 Nm --> 268 hp / 389 Nm
3.0 SC 340 hp : 340 hp / 450 Nm --> 398 hp / 494 Nm

Tune your Jaguar with RICA - real power – up to 3 years warranty - 100.000 km

RICA Engineering,
There is no substitute for real horse power!

FORD TRANSIT Custom 2016-

RICA Engineering introduces tuning for the new Ford Transit Custom EcoBlue EU6 ! EcoBlue 105 pk/350 Nm -> 188 pk/426 Nm EcoBlue 130 pk/385 Nm -> 188 pk/426 Nm EcoBlue 170 pk/405 Nm -> 188 pk/426 Nm Interested? Contact us on info@rica.nl, >>

FORD FIESTA 2018 Upgrades

FORD FIESTA 2018 NIEUWS! RICA Engineering introduces tuning for the new Ford Fiesta 1.0 Ecoboost! Ford Fiesta 1.0 Ecoboost 2018 - manual: Ecoboost 100 pk/170 Nm -> 140 pk/226 Nm Ecoboost 125 pk/170 Nm -> 140 pk/226 Nm Ecoboost 140 pk/180 >>

TOYOTA AURIS 1.6D-4D 112 hp

Today we finished the tuning for the Toyota Auris . Stock __270 Nm 112 hp. Rica Stage 1 __360 Nm 143 hp  >>


This Month February Stage 2 Mercedes Sprinter 213 / 313 CDI for the price Stage 1.  >>


BMW NEWS! Tuning of BMW F-series models has been possible for a long time, the disadvantage of this was that the ECU had to be opened by one of our engineers. This is now a thing of the past! From now on, tuning is possible without opening >>

Tune your own VEA engine

The new ecu`s are secured by Volvo. and need to be unlocked one time only before we can program it. When no local dealer available, customers can borrow our RICA VEA tool and tune the cars at home. The deposit for the VEA unlocker tool is >>

Closed for the holiday`s

RICA Engineering Wateringen (NL) will be closed from 22 December 2017 untill 8 January 2018. There will be no software available during this period. We wish you all a merry christmas and a happy new year!  >>

Tuning the future...

Yes, we tuned the Twizy. Thank`s to our engineer Dylan we have a tuning for the Renault Twizy. spec`s: Max speed:83 km/h to 110 km/h. Acceleration: 0 - 50 m/h: 6,0s to 5,0s Torque: 57Nm to71Nm Faster throttle response Better energy >>


Are you the owner of a new Ford Transit (Connect, Courier or Custom)? Than we’ve got some good news! RICA introduces chiptuning for the newest models: All 2.0 Ford EcoBlue models will be upgraded to 188 hp & 424 Nm after a visit to RICA >>

Tuning the latest Volvo models

The last couple of months our R&D team has worked very hard on the development of Volvo`s newest engines. The engine`s make a lot of extra power, and we are very happy with the results. The engine types are: Diesel: D2, D3, D4, D5 and D6 Petrol: >>


Easter Monday Closed

Ford Transit Custom...

Ford Fiesta 2018...

Toyota Auris 1.6D-4D...

Offer Februari


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