Rica E-Power / Eco tuning

The Rica E-Power / Eco tuning upgrade is optimised for maximum fuel efficiency and reduced CO2 emissions. Achieve up to 10% fuel economy gains depending on your driving style, while preserving Volvo-approved power and torque. Drive with confidence, knowing reliability and durability remain uncompromised.

The E-Power upgrade is available for the following engines:

  • 1.6 D (DRIVE) 109 Hp V70/S80
  • 1.6 D 109 Hp
  • 2.0 D4 190 Hp VEA
  • 2.4 D3 163 Hp 420 Nm 2012
  • 2.4 D4 181 Hp 420 Nm 2012
  • 2.4 D 163 Hp Euro 4
  • 2.4 D 175 Hp Euro 5
  • D5 163 Hp Euro 5
  • D5 163 Hp Euro 5
  • D5 180 Hp 350 Nm
  • D5 180 Hp Euro 4 C30/C70/S40/V50
  • D5 185 Hp Euro 4
  • D5 205 Hp
  • D5 215 Hp 420 Nm
  • D5 215 Hp 440 Nm

Price: from €332,-*

* ex. VAT.

NEW: Up 37% fuel consumption saving with the E-Power V40 D4 tuning

We have developed our new V40 D4 E-Power tuning to offer you the very best cost-saving option for your Volvo for only €332!

We are aware that life is getting more expensive and that your car is costing you more than is necessary. We wanted to come up with a powerful solution to really save up on costs and that is exactly what we did. After months of testing with the V40 D4 (manual), we can now offer you the new and improved version of the E-power tuning!

Our E-power tuning has optimized engine mappings and even gets an extra 50Nm of torque!

Get your Rica E-Power Tuning now and start saving!

These are the mind blowing results of the new Rica E-Power V40 D4 tuning:

With a driving speed of 100km/h on a 50L tank:
V40 factory software: 1139 km
Rica E-Power: 1563 km
Fuel consumption saving: 37%

With a driving speed of 120km/h on a 50L tank:
V40 factory software: 1020 km
Rica E-Power: 1190 km
Fuel consumption saving: 17%

comparison image of fuel costs with and without rica e-power

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