photo of nox sensor plugged in on a grey background


What is a NOX sensor

The NOX sensor is part of the after-treatment system for NOX reduction used in diesel vehicles with urea-based SCR systems. The SCR catalyst sensor directly measures the NOX gas concentration at the engine, which helps determine the optimal amount of urea injection. The NOX sensor can also measure O2 concentration, as can a broadband air-fuel sensor. With the NOX sensor Delete, you prevent your car from going into limp mode, annoying fault codes, high maintenance costs when the sensor breaks and more benefits.

Why is a NOX sensor used

In modern engines the fuel is injected directly, making combustion comparatively hotter than in conventional engines. This produces more NOX than is allowed for type approval in Europe.

Therefore, manufacturers must install a NOX catalyst and NOX sensor that stores, measures and converts these fumes into less harmful fumes.

Price: from €175,-*

* ex. VAT.

What’s going wrong

Because the NOX sensor has a limited lifespan, sooner or later it breaks down. If the signal emitted by the NOX sensor is no longer within a certain bandwidth, the engine control system stores a malfunction. This causes the engine to go into emergency mode, increasing fuel consumption and even causing the engine to shut down. The engine malfunction light will also come on. In many cases, the NOX sensor is broken.

We can make sure that the engine management no longer needs this sensor. We can disable this completely for you so that the engine light will no longer come on and the car will no longer run in “limp home”. You will also pass the MOT without any problems. This often saves you hundreds of euros, because a new sensor can easily cost at least € 500.

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