Save on maintenance, choose Rica Deletes

In addition to chiptuning, we also offer other software solutions to get the best out of your car. With replacing parts, you can easily spend 2 to 6 times more than you would if you choose software deletes from Rica.

Interested in a service you don’t see listed? Call or email us to discuss all your options. We are here for you!

* ex. VAT
** Chiptuning Plus: 50% discount i.c.w. stage, e-power, sports or oem tuning

EGR Delete** from €150,-*
DPF(particulate filter) Delete** from €350,-*
OPF / GPF (particulate filter) Delete** €350,-*
Adblue Delete** €350,-*
Start/Stop Delete** from €175,-*
NOX sensor Delete**from €175,-*
Cylinder Deactivation ACT/COD/MDS**€275,-*
Fault codes / Diagnostic Trouble codes removal**from €150,-*
Evap Deactivation**€175,-*
Secundary air injection system Delete**€175,-*
Lambda/CAT sensor Delete**from €150,-*
Add or remove speed limiter**from €150,-*
RPM/REV limiter removal**€150,-*
Torque limiter**€275,-*
Increase idle speed**€275,-*
Swirl flaps removal**from €150,-*

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