close up of a engine start stop button with green indicator light


What is Start/Stop

Start / stop technology, also known as auto-stop-start, idle-stop, etc., is a relatively new feature designed to help car owners save fuel. When stuck in traffic, the system shuts off the engine, saving fuel that would otherwise be lost when the car is idling. With a Start/Stop Delete we turn this feature off with our Rica software, so you can drive exactly the way you like.

Price: from €175,-*

* ex. VAT.

Benefits Start/Stop Delete

  • More mileage
    For those who live in areas with heavy traffic, or are often in traffic jams, the start/stop can be a benefit. Some owners report saving up to 12 percent. Although it would probably make sense to use start/stop only during long waits and not during stop-and-go situations.
  • Better for the environment
    When you turn off your engine, you have no emissions of course. According to studies, start/stop can reduce exhaust emissions by up to 15 percent. And every molecule of carbon dioxide not released into the atmosphere is good for the environment.

Disadvantages Start/Stop Delete

  • Wear and tear
    Frequent starting and stopping can take its toll on some parts, although in most vehicles these parts are reinforced to handle the extra work.
  • It can get really annoying
    Not all drivers can get used to the technology, and constantly turning the engine on and off can become downright annoying. Hopefully, once you get used to it, you can just enjoy the environmental benefits and especially your fuel economy.

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